We are a full service busINESS LAW FIRM

• We have the necessary skill sets and experience to handle most legal issues affecting small to medium sized businesses from start-up through exit, or in the event the project is not successful, to liquidation, or Chapter 11 reorganization. 

• We have over 30 years of experience with Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings representing both creditors and debtors.

• In the oil, gas and energy area we are very active in matters involving development of the Haynesville and Bossier Shales, including review of title, oil and gas lease terms, lease disputes, demands for further development under existing leases, mineral and royalty acquisitions, and related agreements such as pipeline rights of way. We are heavily involved in actions to seek recovery of post-production costs withheld from royalty, and in disputes over mineral rights impacted by location of navigable waterways.

• With regard to commercial litigation, in our service area we offer a full range of services in both state and federal courts, including extensive experience in contract disputes, oil and gas litigation, construction suits, arbitration proceedings and other disputes.

• Our lawyers have the skills and experience necessary to handle most transactions and documentation involving real estate, commercial lending and asset-based financing, oil and gas leases or mineral acquisitions, business acquisitions or sales, construction agreements, timber deeds , and other business opportunities in our service area. 

• If you need an experienced, effective business attorney or oil and gas lawyer in North Louisiana to assist with transactions, due diligence reviews or litigation our firm can respond to those needs promptly, efficiently and effectively.