Succession And Estate Planning In Louisiana

Louisiana has unique probate and succession rules. A will is a legal document stating who you want your property to go upon your death. If you have minor children, you can nominate a guardian to care for them if you die before they reach the age of maturity.

In your will, you name exactly who you want to inherit from you. If you own a large amount of property, you might want to create a trust to save your heirs on taxes. Succession planning involves creating a plan for passing a business onto someone or an organization.

You have worked hard to build up your assets. You can preserve those assets by creating a succession plan.

We will represent corporate and individual fiduciaries, individuals and family businesses in trust and probate litigation.

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Do I Need To Have An Estate Plan?

Louisiana probate laws are complex. If you die without a will, the state will review your property holdings to determine if they are community property or separate property, and who should receive your property.

The state will look into whether you are survived by family members and what their relationship is to you. Unintended consequences may result if you do not have a will stating your intentions for passing along your property.

Planning ahead is critical to safeguard your family and your investments. At Davidson Summers APLC, our attorneys can work with you to create a specialized legacy.

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