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Hearne, Martin & Powell, LLC

Persistent Advocacy For Your Commercial Business And Real Estate Needs

Davidson, Summers, Hearne, Martin & Powell, LLC provides thorough and consistent advocacy reflecting years of expertise in sophisticated commercial transactions; oil, gas and mineral law matters; corporate law; and real estate.

Our firm is dedicated to protecting your land rights, business interests and real estate transactions, now and in the future.

We Have A Solid Reputation For High-Quality Legal Representation

Whether you are an individual who just purchased property, a mineral owner contemplating a mineral lease, or are operating a business, considering a bank loan or business acquisition, the attorneys at Davidson Summers APLC can assist you.

Our firm will create documents, negotiate on your behalf or litigate for you in court to reach your goals.

Located in Shreveport, Louisiana, our attorneys provide legal services in Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas and Mississippi. Call Davidson, Summers, Hearne, Martin & Powell, LLC at 318-424-4342 or contact us online.