Oil, Gas and Mineral Law

We Are At the Forefront of Mineral Law

In the past decade, our firm has litigated some of the most significant cases in the oil and gas field. Our background in mineral law allows us the insight to fully protect your interests in mineral leasing, mineral sales, and surface rights of way. We have decades of experience working for landowners, mineral owners and small operators.

Our firm is on the cutting edge for:

  • Royalty disputes, including charges for post- production costs
  • Unleased owners’ rights
  • Demands for further mineral development
  • Title and mineral servitude disputes
  • Surface use disputes and agreements
  • Mineral title and due diligence
  • Mineral trespass claims
  • Representation of mineral owners in operator bankruptcies
  • Oilfield lien filings

Whether you are a landowner, a mineral purchaser or working interest owner, we have the knowledge, insight and experience to advance your case or handle your deal.