Succession and Estate Planning

Succession And Estate Planning In Louisiana

Through wills and trusts, you can instruct how your property is treated during life and after death. You can also provide for the care and guardianship of minor children.

Louisiana has unique laws of probate and succession. We can develop ways to preserve and protect your businesses and property during life and after death. Not all succession plans are the same, and we can help choose the approach that best suits your situation.

After death, we handle both administered and simple successions. We also represent corporate and individual fiduciaries, individuals and family businesses in trust and probate litigation.

Do You Need An Estate Plan?

If you die without a will or other estate plan, Louisiana law will determine who receives your property. Unintended consequences may result if you do not have valid documents in place declaring your intentions.

Planning ahead is critical to safeguard your family and your investments. Contact us to discuss the plan appropriate for your needs.